Car Safety Features That Attract Discounts on Auto Insurance

Modern cars are fitted with all types of safety equipment ranging from automatic braking systems to rear-view cameras that let drivers view the objects behind the vehicle. However, most auto insurance companies do not offer a discount on new safety technologies, until the technologies have proven effective in lowering insurance claims over time. The car safety technologies that attracts discounts from insurance companies include:

1. Anti-Lock Brakes

Cars fitted with anti-lock brakes benefit from insurance discounts because the anti-lock braking system prevent cars from skidding by reinforcing the grip between the road and the tires.

2. Daytime Running Lights

Driving with the lights on during daytime may seem odd. Nevertheless, daytime driving lights significantly increase driver safety by making the vehicle more visible to pedestrians and other drivers. Apart from the daytime running lights, insurance companies also give discounts for adaptive headlights, for example, night-vision lights.

3. Lane-Departure Warning Systems and Blind Spot Detection

The systems mentioned above are two different safety features, but they function together to enhance driver safety. The lane-departure warning systems, enhance driver safety by sensing the distance and speed of approaching vehicles as the driver tries to switch lanes. Blind-spot detection devices increases safety by alerting drivers of objects in their blind spots.

4. Car Insurance Tracking Devices

Car insurance tracking devices are technically referred to as telematics devices. Once installed, the tracking devices collect and store data. The auto insurance company then analyzes the data to determine whether the driver is a safe driver. If the driver is deemed safe, the insurance company gives a discount on premiums.

5. Rear-view Cameras

Most modern cars are fitted with backup cameras. Installing backup cameras increase safety by allowing drivers to see objects or vehicle they are unable to see on the side-view and rear mirrors.

6. Anti-Theft System

Insurance companies give discounts to owners of vehicles fitted with anti-theft features such as alarm systems because the devices lower the chances of the car being stolen. Motor vehicle theft cost insurance companies colossus amounts.

7. Emergency Response Systems

The types of emergency response systems fitted in a vehicle depends on the manufacturer. However, the emergency response systems that attract discounts from insurance firms include systems that unlock the doors in the event the airbags go off; systems that shut off fuel; and systems that alert response teams when there is an accident. In summary, insurance companies give discounts to cars fitted with system that are tailored to keep drivers as safe as possible, and system that notify authorities immediately when there is an accident.

8. Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems

Vehicles fitted with stolen vehicle recovery system receive a discount because the chances of recovering the vehicle after theft are high. This lowers the chances of insurance companies paying for the vehicle, translating to lower premiums.

9. Tire-Pressure Monitoring Systems

Most vehicles manufactured from 2008 are fitted with tire-pressure monitoring systems. Installing the safety device ensures that the vehicle has correct tire pressure all the time; this enhances safety and can save fuel.

It is noteworthy that the auto insurance discount offered for safety features vary from one company to another, and from one jurisdiction to another. Moreover, companies that offer the largest discounts are not necessarily cheap.

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