All You Need To Know About Auto Insurance Adjusters

The auto insurance adjuster is one of the most critically involved persons in any accident claim. When you get engaged in an accident, you write an insurance claim to the insurance company stating that you were involved in an accident and you request the money needed for repairing or replacing the car. At that point, the role of the auto insurance adjuster emerges. He or she will step off the line to take a closer look at the accident and try to understand what happened exactly.

The claim adjuster will contact you, the policyholder, and ask you for vehicle check in order to assess a number of losses and see how much it needs in order to get repaired. In some cases, the amount needed for the repairing is more than the actual value of the car. At that case, the insurance company will write the car off and will give you the value of the car estimated by the book.

Some insurance companies do not have auto insurance adjuster, and they prefer to hire a private one in order to give them a fair and neutral estimation. In either case, the insurance adjuster will contact the different garages in order to find out the median estimate for repairing the car. At the end of the assessment, he will offer you to get the insurance in cash and you repair your car or if you want it repaired in one of the garages affiliated with them. In many cases, people prefer to get the money in cash because they believe that they can find someone to repair the car with a fraction of the estimated cost.

When you are contacted by the auto insurance adjuster, you need to make sure that you are getting the whole picture and you need to know how long it would take to return the car. You also need to know if there are any other services that you need to perform on this vehicle. That will help you when you estimate the amount needed by yourself and you will know exactly how much does it cost.

The auto insurance adjuster is not here to subtract money from you but, he is only doing his job through assessing these cars involved in the accident. If you have anything concerns regarding the auto insurance claim adjuster, then you need to contact the management of the insurance company because they are directly responsible for hiring the auto insurance adjuster.

Always make sure that you have your insurance policy running with no gaps between the expiry of one policy and the renewal of the other. At some cases, there is a gap between the end of your first policy and the starting date of the new policy. If the accident was done throughout that gap, then the insurance company won't pay you a dime'. All in all, it is your responsibility always to make sure that the auto insurance adjuster is of a good reputation because he is the only estimator.

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