What is the outcome of not having auto insurance? It is illegal and risky to drive without auto insurance. The presumption that a cop will only ask you to pull over if you are driving under the influence or speeding is baseless. Further, it is useless if you think you can persuade the cop that you are in the process of getting auto insurance. In this regard, this article explores the consequences of driving without auto insurance.

What happens if you get pulled over?

1. A ticket is issued

When you are pulled over, you will be given a ticket for no auto insurance violation. If you provide proof of insurance within a given timeline after the ticket is issued, it can be dismissed. This is only applicable if you had auto insurance when you were asked to pull over but you did not have the insurance card at the time.

2. Temporary suspension of license

License suspension will only be revoked upon providing proof of insurance. You will also be charged a specified amount for the license to be restored.

3. Your vehicle can be towed

If a cop asks you to pull over for driving without auto insurance, it is very likely your car will get towed or impounded. You will only get the car back after providing proof of insurance and paying impound fees.

What happens if you are involved in an accident without auto insurance?

It is true that there are numerous legal penalties for driving without auto insurance. When it comes to involvement in an accident, the legal penalties are even more serious. Below is what is likely to happen

1. Huge medical expenses and high possibility of personal injury and property damage lawsuits

Let us consider a scenario in which you are involved in an accident. In the process, you sustain injuries, expose others to injuries or cause property destruction to others. In such a scenario, you will be held accountable if you were at fault and with no auto insurance. You will have to cater for your own medical expenses as well as for the injured persons. In addition, the affected persons can file personal injury and property damage lawsuits demanding compensation for injuries afflicted or property damage caused.

2. Loss of personal assets

In the event that you are unable to cater for the medical costs of the injured persons or pay the stated amount directed by a jury if the injured persons file a lawsuit, your personal assets- personal savings, vehicles, home or land-can be taken away.

3. Temporary or permanent license suspension and vehicle registration suspension

This is the case especially if you commit the illegality many times. In order to have your license and vehicle registration reinstated, you will have to pay hefty fines. In some instances, your license can be revoked permanently.

4. Imprisonment

Repeated driving without auto insurance and being involved in an accident can eventually lead to imprisonment.

As a final point, it is very clear that failure to have auto insurance puts you in a risky situation. As a matter of fact, driving without auto insurance puts a huge finance burden on you. For that reason, it is important to have auto insurance as much as the cost of premiums might be high. It is better to incur the cost of paying premiums rather than dealing with the repercussions that arise if you do not have auto insurance.

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