What you do not know about your auto insurance can be painful, particularly for your wallet. When your car is involved in an accident, do not let your insurance claim denial add to your pain. Try to make sure you know what your auto insurance would and won't cover before the worst occurs.

Your Car Loan

If the vehicle is stolen, the insurance policy will give you a check for the present market price of your car. That may or may not be sufficient to cover what you likely owe on it. If it is not, you will have to pay the bank the remaining of what you owe out of your pocket. Consider obtaining a GAP insurance policy for the car when the value of the vehicle is lowered than what you owe on it.

Your Belongings

Did any thief bust out the window, take your spare change, shopping bags, and whatever else they can take? Your car insurance will cover your broken window as well as any damage to your car, but might not cover the worth of your belongings. You will likely have to file a police report and also file a claim with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to recoup those costs.


Any spoilers, technology, rims, or wheelchair lifts which you add to your car to customize it might not be covered by the standard auto insurance policy. Regardless of how much you have or want to change your vehicle to suit you, ensure that you take out extra coverage for the customizations.

Towing and Rental

Because you are in an accident coverage by your insurance does not mean every payment will be made for you. Whether your vehicle had to be towed or maybe you needed a rental for some days, you may likely pay out of pocket.

Business Use

Being a local courier appears like an excellent way to make cash, at least until that your first accident. If you are counting on your auto insurance policy for coverage, think again. Now when you use your car to earn cash, you either have a commercial car insurance policy or even to ensure the insurance of your employer covers you.

Collisions as well as “Weird” Accidents

As soon as your car loan is paid off, usually you start looking for other means to save cash. Many people will take off the collision and also comprehensive coverage on auto insurance.Very Big mistake. Now without it, you are not covered by the time you collide with another car, run into a pole in a storm, get hit on the highway by a deer, have a tree limb fall on the car or a “random” items which may happen to your vehicle.

Your Medical Bills

If you do not have a medical coverage on the auto insurance policy, then your insurer won't pay the bills for you during an accident. If the accident were as r result of someone's fault, the other person's insurance would cover your medical expenses, that's if the other driver is insured with enough coverage. If not, you will pay unless you have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.

Do not discover the hard way that the theft, accident, or work you have done on your car is not covered. Speak to an insurance agent to ensure you know what is in the insurance policy and get the additional coverage needed to protect your today.

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